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At Universal AV, we believe communication is key to every successful business. Our five senses influence everything, including how we learn and gain knowledge every day! We read, we watch and we listen. By manipulating these senses we can deliver and convey messages more effectively to our desired audience.

Universal AV, is one of the UK’s leading providers of professional audio visual solutions. With over eleven years’ experience, we have provided many innovative audio visual systems to many clients throughout the corporate, public, residential and educational sectors.

We design audio visual solutions that help companies simplify and unify their staff, people, suppliers and partners no matter where they are in the world.

Our automation systems help make controlling all technology platforms easier in both the work place and at home by providing a means to control everything through a single interface. Additionally, systems like lighting control help you save money and be environmentally friendly.

We can help integrate vibrant displays, projection systems, video conferencing, digital signage, IPTV systems, CCTV systems and many other platforms creating a seamless communication solution that helps you capture, convey and broadcast your messages the way you intended.

Furthermore, our services from project management to system design, mean you can sit-back, relax and concentrate on your core business, whilst we design, perfect, install and maintain your ideal audio visual solution.

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