500,000 Raspberry Pi 2 Sold


After only two weeks the launch of the Raspberry Pi 2 is a success selling more than half a million units! This means that in the matter of two weeks, the Raspberry Pi 2 already accounts for 10% of the five million Pi units shipped since the original model A launch on February 2012.

The Pi has gone from absolutely nothing just under three years ago, to becoming the fastest-selling British computer

As the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity, all the profits it earns from sales goes straight back into the business and is invested into research and development as well as educational efforts, such as the teacher training and educational resources provided by the foundation.

So what’s new?

The Raspberry pi 2, compared to its predecessor, has 1GB of SDRAM, where the previous model had 512MB. This is an improvement for memory intensive applications such as running a small web server. Like many modern smartphones, it also features a quad-core 900MHz ARM Cortex-7 processor, a massive improvement over the previous model’s single-core 700MHz ARM Soc processor. This means it can run many more intensive applications which opens a world for multiprocessing such as emulation – Who knows, you may be playing your old PlayStation 2 games on your Raspberry Pi 2 very soon!

Because the new Pi utilises a newer ARM processor it also now supports Ubuntu (finally!), and Microsoft Windows 10. We should note that Windows 10 is not the standard GUI you’re used of on your PC or Surface, but an embedded version of the operating system, so you won’t be editing any Excel or Word documents any time soon. Currently, Ubuntu is the best operating system to run on the Raspberry Pi 2’s quad-core processor, as Raspbian still needs some tweaking to make the most of the new hardware set up.