Access Control Solutions

Access control keypad for boardroom

We believe that today, security is one of the most important considerations a business needs to make. With the growing digital world we live in, physical security through systems such as access control are still of major importance, in addition to cyber security systems such as firewalls.

Access control systems enable you to execute authority to control access to resources and areas to certain authorised groups. Access control can be seen as a second layer of physical security in a business infrastructure.

At Universal AV, we are able to install and maintain various types of access control systems including stand-alone coded keypads and FOB reader units, to fully integrated multi network systems controlling multiple rooms with swipe cards or biometric readers. Access control is particularly useful throughout the corporate, public and educational industries. After fully discussing your requirements for such a system we can create a fully customised and tailored system suiting your exact needs. Furthermore, for clients with pre-existing systems, we are usually able to upgrade existing systems for additional functionality at your request, for more information, feel free to contact us.

Access control in business environment

Access Control for Business

Typical platforms used for the public and corporate customers include swipe cards and biometric security. Swipe cards can be used to control access to areas for different employees or stakeholders including entrance/exit gates, doors and rooms. Employees can be given different access rights at your digression and where maximum security requirements exist, it is also possible to even use biometric security.

Access Control for Education

Access control is particularly popular for educational institutes today as a means of controlling student and teacher access to different rooms and even at different times. Typical products used here include swipe card access with different students having different rights.

Educational Access Control for students & teachers

Access control in large house

Access Control for Home

Access control is a popular choice among many residential properties today as a means of providing convenient entry and/or exit for residents. Popular products include keypads for gates or doors and handheld remote key FOBS to operate security gates at ease.