Crestron solutions

Crestron logo in boardroom with touch screens

With all the increasing amount of separate technology platforms we rely on we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about where remotes are for each device, changing the batteries for all your remotes or training your staff to use several different interfaces to control each platform. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more productive, not more complicated and stressful. That’s where Crestron comes in.

Crestron have over 40 years’ experience creating business control and automation systems for offices, homes, hotels, retailers, schools and more. Crestron control systems can help provide the ultimate technological lifestyle allowing full integration of all your otherwise separate technology platforms.

Crestron for Corporate

Crestron systems can help your workplace achieve the productivity and efficiency it needs. Employees shouldn’t have to struggle to use several different systems, technology platforms and interfaces. With Crestron, your control system can be customised to your exact requirements. Whether you need to control an AV presentations, international videoconferences or manage your digital signage, our Crestron programmers can build and install a system for your exact needs. Crestron can also help your organisation reduce operational costs, for example with room sensors that prevent lights powering on after everyone has left the room.

Crestron control system for board room
Crestron home cinema

Crestron Home

Crestron systems can make your home life so much easier and more convenient. You don’t need to search for your multiple remotes just to watch television, or fiddle with numerous switches on the wall that takes you several tries until you turn the light on. With a Crestron system, you can control everything with the touch of a button on a stylish, fancy and lightweight touch panel. With a Crestron system there are truly endless opportunities to create a comfortable and convenient lifestyle at home.

Crestron for Education

Teachers and educators should only have to worry about focusing on teaching, not worrying about how to harness surrounding technologies to build an engaging and interactive lesson. Crestron systems can help provide an extremely easy-to-use interface controlling all technology in classrooms, receptions or whatever room you require. Control your costs with Crestron with clever systems that can control lighting and climate by time of day, usage and other environmental factors.

Crestron control system for classroom

How Universal AV can help

After discussing your exact requirements for an automation system, our Crestron programmers can design a customised system and interface meeting your exact requirements and needs. After that you can sit back and concentrate on your core business duties, while our professional installation team carries out all necessary installations, so you don’t have to worry about labour or having the right tools and equipment!

If you already have an existing Crestron system you will be glad to know we can usually upgrade your system and add additional functionality at your desire (even if we didn’t install it initially). After all installations we can also offer maintenance for your systems so you can have total piece of mind in the event something goes wrong. If you would like more information, or for a free quotation contact us today!