Savant Solutions

Savant systems on iPad, iPhone and iOS in front of digital signage

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and simple control system, then Savant may be your perfect solution! Savant designs and manufactures a complete suite of integrated solutions allowing modern home and commercial automation with ease. Savant systems allow easy control of audio and video, digital signage and displays, energy management, telephony and the media integration needs of todays most cutting-edge environments.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iOS integration

If you already own Apple iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, you’ll be glad to know they’re fully compatible with the Savant ecosystem. Savant is fully build around Apples’ iOS platform meaning you can use Apples’ stunning iOS devices to control your home and business environment with ease.

Savant iPhone

Savant system in corporate bar

Savant for Work

Savant systems can dramatically support high productivity and efficiency for your workplace with intelligent control systems such as climate control and lighting control. Savant can help control multimedia inputs for conference rooms, receptions or even your digital signage and you can be confident that all of your employees can use Savant touchscreens with ease thanks to their integration with the Apple iOS ecosystem. The control possibilities for your business are truly endless with Savant. Savant can be deployed for arenas & events, broadcast facilities, corporate enterprises, offices and workplaces, government institutions, healthcare institutions, hotels & hospitality, houses of worship, luxury transportation, real estate and retail. For more information contact us today.

Savant at Home

If you want the luxuries of having a 21st century integrated and controllable house, but without all the complications, Savant may be the perfect option for your home automation. The Savant powered smart home we can customise for you can bring an unprecedented level of simplicity and efficiency, allowing easy home automation and control. Savant can be customised to a fully integrated whole-house audio, video and automation system, or even more simple systems such as lighting control or a classic home cinema. No matter where you call home, from high rise apartment suites & flats to country houses, we can build a fully customised Savant system for your exact needs. Some examples of how Savant can be deployed in the home are below:

Savant automation in bedroom

Home Cinema & Theatre

From a simple small media room, to a full-blown luxury home theatre, Savant can deliver a rich, engaging, entertaining and dynamic viewing/listening experience, taking control of all your audio & video systems.

Savant Home Theatre

Intelligent Lighting

Savant makes lighting control easy, with one touch you can turn on your garden floodlights or any rooms’ lights in the house. Furthermore, Savants smart energy system means it’s even possible to create clever processes that automatically change lighting settings depending on the environment and time of day. In the dark, Savant can automatically activate lights based on your movement allowing you to easily navigate the house without struggling to find that light switch!

Savant intelligent lighting systems saving energy consumption

Climate Control

Savant can cater as a HVAC control system (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), allowing you to improve your energy efficiency by using information from thermostats and brightness levels to automatically adjust climate settings and blind exposure, reducing demands on heating/cooling systems. Different rooms can be assigned different temperatures and all of this can be controlled and monitored externally by yourself using your iPhone.

Savant intelligent climate control HVAC system


Savant makes it easier to control and monitor the security and safety of your house when you’re out. One button can secure your house by locking all doors, turning on exterior lights at night, closing every blind and activating motion sensors and security cameras.

Savant home security & remote CCTV systems

Savant control in secondary school

Savant for Education

Savant systems support a vast range of clever control applications that can support your students’ learning. From complete campus/school control, messaging, distance learning and emergency alert notification to in classroom lesson capture, basic management of multimedia presentations and interactive whiteboards. Savant solutions can create an influential learning experience for your students.

How Universal AV can help

After discussing your exact requirements for an automation system, our Savant programmers can design a customised system and interface meeting your exact requirements and needs. After that you can sit back and concentrate on your core business duties, while our professional installation team carries out all necessary installations, so you don’t have to worry about labour or having the right tools and equipment!

If you already have an existing Savant system you will be happy to know we can usually upgrade your system and add additional functionality at your desire (even if we didn’t install it initially). After all installations we can also offer maintenance for your systems so you can have total piece of mind in the event something goes wrong. If you would like more information, or for a free quotation contact us today!