Dolby IMAX Competitor

The entrance of a Dolby Cinema

Dolby (as in Dolby Digital), has announced its massive new project. It’s not about audio as their primary product base would suggest, it’s in actual fact about the launch of its upcoming IMAX-like cinema experience called ‘Dolby Cinema’.

Utilising ‘Dolby Vision’ technology, a project Dolby have been reportedly working on for many years, Dolby will be able to combine dynamic range (as in HDR videos) which helps display shadows as you would see them in real life. Dolby claim that its “contrast ratio far exceeds that of any other image technology on the market today.”

Inside the Dolby Cinema

Inside the Dolby Cinema

The first Dolby Cinema will launch this December in the Netherlands. However, it will temporarily use 4K laser projectors until Dolby’s vision-capable projectors are ready to ship out next spring. Venues will eventually open in the US and UK though this is unlikely to happen any time soon as Dolby are still negotiating with both Cinemas and Hollywood studios to adopt the technology. The most likely candidate to first feature Dolby’s Vision-compatibility is likely to be Disney’s new Star Wars VII movie (but don’t take our word on that).

Ticket prices are expected to be around $18 (about £12 – sans UK premium) up from the current typical $12.50. Clearly, as with IMAX, you will be expected to pay a hefty premium to experience the Big ‘Big Screen’.

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