500,000 Raspberry Pi 2 Sold


After only two weeks the launch of the Raspberry Pi 2 is a success selling more than half a million units! This means that in the matter of two weeks, the Raspberry Pi 2 already accounts for 10% of the five million Pi units shipped since the original model A launch on February 2012. The […]

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CES: Yesterday’s 4K

Curved OLED TV

LAS VEGAS – CES 2015. The marketing departments for major TV manufacturers are now bored of 4K and unsurprisingly introduced a bunch of new terminologies at this year’s CES including SUHD, HDR pixel splitting and other marketing gimmicks. Why? Becuase 4K TVs are rapidly dropping in price to mainstream market prices and TV manufacturers need […]

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Easy Projector Maintenance

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 03.00.48

To make the most of your projector’s life, it is important to take care of it and to ensure it is maintained and used in the correct environment. To answer some common questions we’ve made this quick and easy guide! My projector’s image appears dimmer than it used to Unfortunately, as with any type of […]

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Dolby IMAX Competitor

Inside the Dolby Cinema

Dolby (as in Dolby Digital), has announced its massive new project. It’s not about audio as their primary product base would suggest, it’s in actual fact about the launch of its upcoming IMAX-like cinema experience called ‘Dolby Cinema’. Utilising ‘Dolby Vision’ technology, a project Dolby have been reportedly working on for many years, Dolby will […]

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The Ultimate Soundbar


Typically, when you buy a new iPod, iPhone, iPad or android mobile, they include small earbuds that provide less than adequate sound quality. Consequently, many people opt-in to buying better quality headphones such as your high-end Bose or Sennheiser headphones providing luxury, crystal clear and accurate sound output. Back to the point of this article, […]

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OLED curved screens

New curved OLED TVs

Both LG and Samsung seem to be leading the OLED race and both manufactures are famous for bringing this technology to the forefront. The two companies have both been showing off their impressive curved OLED panels at trade shows. These curved OLED panels are still very expensive in comparison to established technologies on the marked […]

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What is Digital Signage?


Digital signage is a method of conveying information, messages and advertising across digital signs (such as LCD, LED and Plasma screens). You might have seen it in your local train station or airport displaying departure times, in a hotel reception displaying welcome messages or even in your local retail stores displaying sale and product information. […]

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4K – Is it here to stay?


  4K, or Ultra HD are the names of the latest trending flat screen technologies, but are they here to stay or simply a fad? We’ve all heard of HD and 1080p televisions which boasts a clear, high definition image with greater colour rendition, but there are still a vast amount of people and businesses […]

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Our new website


Universal AV, one of the UK’s leading professional audio visual providers, have launched a brand new website – www.universalav.co.uk At Universal AV, we have spent the last 11 years providing professional audio visual technologies such as video conferencing, digital signage and control systems helping many businesses reduce costs and increase productivity! Our professional audio visual […]

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