Corporate Training Rooms

Local Authority Teaching room with projection screen and audio visual

Many businesses today are under pressure to reduce their operating expenses further and further, which is putting greater emphasis on staff multi-tasking and sharing many job functions. Consequently, businesses must provide their staff with sufficient training more than ever in order to reduce their operating expenses and increase staff efficiency. With our expertise and with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we can help your organisation create, or adapt, teaching rooms that are productive, integrated and most importantly effective for teaching and collaboration.

With your guidance, we will consider the type of training you will typically hold in your teaching room(s), as well as the size and environment of the room, when designing and planning an audio visual solution for you.

Typical technologies we incorporate into training rooms include

  • Projectors & screens
  • Display screens (LCD, LED or Plasma)
  • Audio systems
  • Interactive displays
  • Whiteboard and/or screen rail systems

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