Automobile Factory Manufacturing Plant

Globalisation and technology has had a major impact on manufacturing for the last couple of decades. It is not unusual for big manufacturers to have plants abroad, if not multiple plants, manufacturing components where they can be most efficiently produced, with a separate assembly plant closer to the main market and of course multiple headquarters around the world supporting activities such as marketing and procurement.

All these added complications require systems to help streamline and integrate multiple platforms, as well as simplify the complex task of managing several different manufacturing units, departments and staff which may all be geographically spread. Fortunately, audio visual systems and technologies can help overcome these complications.

Our professional audio visual solutions for the manufacturing industry are designed with efficiency and profitability in mind, in addition to supporting your logistical processes and constraints. Technologies such as video conferencing can help overcome the problem with manufacturing operatives, product developers, managers and admin staff often being based offshore and in remote locations. Additionally, functional meeting and boardrooms are often necessary in manufacturing plants today providing a clean and spacious environment for necessary meetings to take place away from the cluttered manufacturing floor.

Video conferencing

Our video conferencing solutions are designed to connect multi-national organisations together effortlessly. Video conferencing can help you save both time and travel costs that would otherwise be incurred in the past when having to physically meet for meetings and gatherings. Consequently, meetings can be held between different organisational branches or divisions with very short notice and decisions can be made much quicker allowing you to be more competitive.

Areas we provide audio visual systems for manufacturers include: