Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical research audio visual solutions

Both the private and public healthcare institutions are devoted to refining the quality and availability of first-class health care for the nation as well as innovating the efficiency of treatments and processes. Now, more than ever, is the time for efficiency in this industry due to budgetary cuts and time constraints. Forward thinking is required for success in the long-run and for private companies to be competitive in such a saturated industry.

At Universal AV, we have designed many professional AV solutions across many industries, including the health care market. Our systems focus on integrating technologies and fostering favourable communication and collaboration throughout organisations. Our audio visual systems can also help you to control costs and personnel costs in addition to managing a profitable, effective and innovative service that is available for everyone.

Communication technologies such as video conferencing facilities can allow distant collaboration in the health industry, for example with different project teams and virtually allow meetings to be held with very little notice. Display technologies such as video walls and digital signage can provide a convenient, efficient, quick and effective way of conveying important messages targeted to any stakeholder at your digression. High-tech training rooms can provide an interactive environment supporting the education of your staff, or re-training.

Digital Signage

Digital signage helps overcome the need of expensive traditional poster printing, providing a digital, intelligent and integrated solution for deploying targeted messages to certain stakeholders within your organisation. For example, you can have one set of digital signage screens displaying patient wait times to customers and a different set of signage within your head office displaying important news and messages to staff. Digital signage also provides an energy-efficient and more environmentally efficient method of conveying messages to stakeholders than traditional paper printing. Messages can easily and rapidly be updated and deployed, sometimes with the click of a button!

Video conferencing

Our video conferencing solutions are designed to connect multi-national organisations together effortlessly. Video conferencing can help you save both time and travel costs that would otherwise be incurred in the past when having to physically meet for meetings and gatherings. Consequently, meetings can be held between different organisational branches or divisions with very short notice and decisions can be made much quicker allowing you to be more competitive.

Areas we provide audio visual systems for the transportation industry include: