Real Estate & Property

House for sale sucessfully sold

Since the global financial downturn of 2008, the property development, investment, construction and sales industries have been subject to a very unstable environment. House prices have risen sky high and fallen rapidly with little notice. The introduction of big e-estate agents and property finding websites have certainly made the industry more competitive meaning traditional estate agents really need to stick out from the rest for potential customers business.

Universal AV have helped create many audio visual systems across many industries, including the property and real estate industry. Technologies such as digital signage in shop windows are now really becoming a useful and environmentally friendly tool to get the attention of passers-by as well as displaying more properties for sale compared to traditional print methods. Other technologies such as video conferencing are proving useful for conducting meetings across several different estate agent units simultaneously.

Digital Signage

Digital signage helps overcome the need of expensive traditional poster printing, providing a digital, intelligent and integrated solution for deploying targeted messages to certain stakeholders within your organisation. For example, you can have one set of digital signage screens displaying properties for sale to customers and a different set of signage within your staff room displaying important news and messages to staff. Digital signage also provides an energy-efficient and more environmentally efficient method of conveying messages to stakeholders than traditional paper printing. Messages can easily and rapidly be updated and deployed, sometimes with the click of a button!

Areas we provide audio visual systems for the transportation industry include: