Retail Solutions

Retail mall shopping centre

Retailing is all about creating an entertaining experience and engaging environment for your customers to promote impulse purchasing. Audio visual can help create such an environment. Whether you’re a small convenience store, supermarket, non-food big-box category retailer, entertainment retailer such as a cinema or even a health spa centre, we’re sure our audio visual technologies can enhance your customers’ experience. Customer retention is an important aspect of the retail world today, in addition to attracting new customers, which technologies such as digital signage and music audio systems can help you achieve.

Digital Signage

Are you sick and tired of paying a fortune to print promotional posters for your retail stores? Digital signage may be your solution! Printing a single A1 promotional poster in full colour can cost up to £30 in some print shops, when you total up the costs, and the environmental impact over an entire year, the costs and time wasted can be shocking!
With digital signage, energy-efficient flat screens can be deployed throughout your stores’ open spaces, or shop windows, displaying targeted promotional material to your customers, or even a simple welcome message. Changing content and/or adding new promotional material can be as easy as the click of a mouse from a central server control panel and unlike traditional printed posters, the cost is close to nothing. Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about whether your staff have displayed your promotional material as all your digital signage display screens are controlled from one location. In addition to not requiring manual labour when changing promotional material, you staff can be more efficient with additional free time that can be spent on activities that count, such as serving customers.

Digital signage in department store sale sign

Training Rooms

In the typical retail environment, it is not untypical for employees to require regular re-training or training for new procedures, products or customer service training. Additionally, it is more important than ever to be able to quickly and fully train new employees, especially for some retail environments like supermarkets which unfortunately may experience higher employee job turnover than other retailers. We can help create bespoke training rooms and work around your budget so that you can have an effective and interactive training room to train your staff.

Staff Rooms

We understand that the retail environment can be extremely competitive and thus there is a great emphasis on cost reduction, it is as a result often the case that staff rooms are minimalistic and basic. However, we too understand that you want to keep a motivated workforce to more efficiently serve your customers and provide that excellent customer service you strive for. Simple technologies such as flat screen TV’s with built in Freeview can be an excellent method of providing your staff a place to relax and unwind over their lunch breaks so that they will be greater motivated to serve your customers opposed to tired and stressed.

Areas we provide audio visual systems for retailers include: