Lecture Theatres

University lecture hall audio visual solutions

With lecture theatres, the presenter or lecturer needs to ensure his or her message is effectively conveyed across the entire room, likely to a relatively large audience. Additionally, as with other rooms, audio visual can be used to ensure learning is fun and engaging. As a result, there is often a broad array of technology at the heart of a successful lecture theatre.

Lecture theatres must be flexible due to their multi-nature use. They can be used to host seminars, special events, conferences and even hired for use by external parties. As a result, an easy to understand and use automation system needs to be in place with a common, comprehensible interface.

Visual and Sound

To ensure maximum quality, a more powerful projector will typically be used in lecture theatres with higher luminosity and resolution to avoid pixilation on larger screens. As well as visual technologies, sound is also key to reaching the audience effectively, thus a powerful sound system is typically required in addition to radio microphones.

InFocus IN5555L Projector with WUXGA resolution
University lecture theatre with ceiling mounted extended displays

Other Considerations

Other technologies that are increasing popular are means of recording lectures using IPTV, IP cameras and networks, to support the increasing popularity of distant learning. Recorded lectures can be made available on many mediums such as Blackbaord, your university or colleges’ server, or the cloud.

In even larger lecture halls, it is also advisable to place suspended flat screen televisions, duplicating the content shown on the main projector screen, or a live camera feed of the presenter, to ensure even the furthest away audience members can hear and clearly see the presentation.

A university lecture hall audio visual solution can consist of

  • Multimedia projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Audio system, speakers and amplifier
  • Multiple source components including: computers, Blu-Ray drives and CD players
  • A computer
  • Automation system (AMX, Crestron or Savant)
  • Digital Signage
  • Additional display screens (LCD, LED or Plasma)
  • Lighting & curtain control

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