Performing Theatres

University college performance theatre

Performing arts can be greatly influenced with the use of an effective audio visual system. Dance studios, music arenas and performance halls all require flexibility with audio visual and technology due to the nature of the room.

Technology can help music, dance and acting performances in a number of ways. Wireless radio microphones can be used to amplify the on-stage vocals, sound systems can help set the scene and atmosphere with background music and various sound effects and automation systems can provide a single platform to control all audio and visual aspects as well as lighting and other platforms.

A university/college performance theatre/space solution may include

  • Multimedia projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Audio system, speakers and amplifier
  • Multiple source components including: computers, Blu-Ray drives and CD players
  • Lighting and curtain control
  • Automation system (AMX, Crestron or Savant)
  • Additional display screens (LCD, LED or Plasma)

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