Teaching Rooms and Classrooms

University College Teaching Room with projector screen

Teaching rooms, where the core of university teaching takes place, is where the lecturer can connect and best engage their students. Here audio visual systems can benefit both students, tutors and lecturers collaborate and participate with one another.

Multimedia projectors, have replaced chalk and blackboards allowing learning to be entertaining, fun and educating simultaneously. University students, who often today bring tablet and laptop devices, can use wireless university networks to connect to the internet and take notes during a lecture on their device. Audio systems can also be used for university documentaries, student presentations, entertainment, slideshows as well as online learning videos.

A university teaching room solution can consist of

  • Multimedia projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Audio system, speakers and amplifier
  • Multiple source components including: computers, Blu-Ray drives and CD players
  • A computer

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