interactive primary school classroom with smartboard

Classrooms are the core learning facility for students and where teachers need to best engage and interact with them. Interactive audio visual solutions can help do just this to really engage students with their learning.

Multimedia projectors have replaced traditional blackboards and allow for learning to be fun, entertaining and educating simultaneously. Audio systems are now often in place for documentaries and slideshows (as well as for the occasional movie treat prior to an end of term breakup).

Interactive displays and smart boards are becoming increasingly popular throughout primary and secondary schools allowing students to individually engage with an on screen application as a class. Like a traditional whiteboard, teachers and students can write on smart boards without the worry of replacing the pen after it has dried out.

Typically, a classroom audio visual solution includes

  • A projector
  • A smart board or interactive whiteboard
  • A computer
  • A basic sound system & speakers
  • CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player(s)

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