ICT Rooms

Primary Secondary school ICT room

ICT suites, although concentrated with technology, can be a difficult space to manage. Depending on the design, the teacher often must ensure students can see their demonstrations whatever angle or position the student is sitting, or positioned at.

Normally, one or more projectors, and smart boards/projector screens, are used to ensure students can witness demonstrations or slideshows at any position in the room. It is not unusual for a school’s ICT room to have a separate screen on each wall for this very reason.

Smart boards, or interactive whiteboards, allow students to interact with class activities (for example writing an answer, or solving a problem on the board). An automation system such as AMX, Crestron, or Savant, can also help integrate and seamlessly control all technology inside the ICT room simultaneously.

A typical ICT room solution can consist of

  • One or more interactive whiteboards or Smart Boards
  • One or more projectors
  • An automation system (AMX, Crestron or Savant)
  • Multiple source components including: computers, Blu-Ray drives and CD players

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