Reception and Entrances

Primary School Reception Area

First impressions count! A schools entrance is where students, visitors and parents will gain their first and lasting impression of the school. Audio visual and technology can help foster a positive first impression, for example, with the use of interactive LCD TV’s and digital signage to help guide new visitors, or direct parents to the meeting hall.

Digital Signage

LCD and interactive screens can both advertise and act as a point of information device for all people entering the school building, which is especially beneficial when you need to target a specific message to certain people. Live TV, images, text and videos can all be broadcast easily through digital signage compared to the costs and time spent printing and displaying print adverts and notices.

Typically, a school entrance audio visual solution includes

  • Digital signage (LCD, LED & Plasma displays)
  • Reception computers
  • Multiple AV sources (including computers, Blu-Ray players, and CD players)
  • An automation system (AMX, Crestron or Savant)
  • Sound systems, public address (PA), amplifiers & speakers

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