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At Universal AV, we recognise the tremendous pressure placed on our council headquarters, offices and internal departments to decrease expenses and significantly cut operating costs. Furthermore, councils are still expected to achieve high targets for productivity and performance demanded by their governing heads.

Every regional, county and local authority are accountable for these unavoidable performance and cost implications. Additionally, councils have a duty to efficiently and effectively serve the public maintaining appropriate levels of service.

Audio visual and technology can help create an environment supporting these cost pressures whilst allowing maximum productivity and effectiveness from every employee. AV can help promote communication and favourable collaboration within councils, whether it be through efficient training rooms supporting the multi-tasking employee, or video conferencing reducing travel requirements for meetings between different departments.

Universal AV have designed many different professional audio visual systems that help foster communication and collaboration between multiple departments. Let us create a solution for your council and we will work together to create the ultimate professional AV system, supporting both your governing heads in terms of cost and efficiency, and the public you serve in terms of effectiveness.

The benefits of a professional audio visual system include; enhancing your in-house presentations, training and hospitality facilities, faster decision making and user friendly seamless control platforms for all your staff.

Where can audio visual be effectively deployed for councils?