Public Conference Rooms

Boardroom or Conference room with projector and screen

Today, audio visual technologies play a key role in the modern boardroom/conference room. Traditional boardrooms are no longer fit for the world we work in with technology integrating with our working lives more and more every day.

The modern conference room must be capable of displaying interactive slide shows and presentations as a standard for meetings and must also be interconnected to the workplace and internet to allow for maximum sharing, communication and more importantly collaboration. Video conferencing, a trending technology, is now common among many businesses, especially with companies that need to hold conferences with other business units geographically, this allows the company to reduce their transportation costs and time wasted travelling.

No two conference rooms are the same for a business. We will help customise your conference system to your exact requirements such as providing video conferencing solutions if you need to conduct meetings around the world and/or automation, if you require every technology present in your conference room to be seamless and integrated into one controllable platform. We can even help out with furnishings if you require a complete boardroom solution from scratch, or work with your current setup.

Typical technologies we install in boardrooms/conference rooms include

  • Projector & screen
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Automation & control solutions
  • Display screens (LCD, LED, or Plasma displays)
  • Interactive displays
  • Multiple source components including: computers, Blu-Ray drives and CD players

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