Public Meeting Rooms

small authority meeting room with projector and screen

The meeting room is where all your small regular meetings will often take place. The traditional meeting room might have simply consisted of a couple of chairs, a table and a flipchart, but this is no longer sufficient for today’s changing business environment. Audio visual has shaped the modern meeting room with interactive boards and projectors allowing engaging meetings with interactive presentations. Technology can help improve your staffs’ productivity likely supporting your goal of reducing your budget costs.

A modern meeting room can help improve your staffs’ productivity by reducing typical administrational tasks like minutes as meetings can now be recorded. Decision making can be faster with technologies such as video conferencing which allow all key decision makers to come together, even if geographically apart. This also supports a flexible workplace as the modern meeting rooms can have many uses.

Typically, a modern meeting room can consist of the following technologies

  • Projection & screen
  • Display screens (LCD, LED or Plasma)
  • Meeting capture systems
  • Control & automation systems
  • Audio systems
  • Videoconferencing

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